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Wanted to be with her

Kelly had known she was a dyke since high school.

For Jill, gender didn’t matter, just the person.

It was very sweet to see them together, holding hands around camp and all. I talked to them a long time after dinner. I asked how they’d got together.

Jill said, “It got through to me, here was somebody who really wanted to be with me.”

Before, she’d only been in one relationship. Him saying one thing with his words, but something else with his actions. ¬†Subtle control. No good. Not fun. I could relate. Enough said.

But. Could it be that’s all there is to it? Show a man I really want to be with him?

I can’t imagine. I think, if I tried it, I’d be sure to end up¬†breaking my heart over a straight guy.

My current crush, I can’t even be normal around him. He is such a package of easy, unaffected masculinity that I get tongue tied every time I see him. I exchange casual greetings with everybody else around here, but I can’t do it with him. I get so stirred up, I just can’t. If he thinks about me at all, he may well think I’m unfriendly.

But could that be all there is to it? Show a man I want to be with him?

Could it be?