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Canada geese on Bellingham beach

When I need to clear my mind and get perspective, I like to look at moving natural water. So I go down to the beach. This evening I sat on the seawall and watched the small waves tumble in from Bellingham bay.

Across to the west, behind the islands, the lowering sun filtered through bands of cloud. The wan golden light made a dazzle of the the wet beach. I guess that’s why it took me so long to notice the geese. They were so brown, and so placid, sitting out on the sand, I had taken them for rocks. Oh, I thought, I’m glad I was far away, to not frighten those gentle wild creatures.

A few other people were at the shore, strolling along the tide line. A couple came walking by, further out near the waves. Oh, Oh, they are getting near the geese. I hope they don’t scare them away.

The geese rose up. They arched their necks. They hissed. They fanned their wings. The people backed off.

So much for shy and gentle wild creatures.