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Great Satan dance

In the late 1940s, Islamic leader Sayyid Qutb spent two years in the United States, sent by the Egyptian government to study US educational methods. During his time at Colorado State College for Education (now University of Northern Colorado) in Greeley, he was horrified by such sights as young men and women square dancing together at a church social. His criticisms are in the lineage of America as the Great Satan.
Too bad it wasn’t gay square dance. We can only guess that men together would have been no more offensive than Punjabis dancing the Bhangra.

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A little radioactivity

I’m going to have radioactivity in the house. Not often. But you keep track if you ever feel bad, and we’ll try to correspond it with when I had radioactivity in the house.

Sometimes late at night, I just need to give myself a radiation treatment. Burn off a wart, or something. I’m sure nobody in the house will mind these little experiments I’m doing on them. This way we’ll know for sure if radioactive dust in the house is ever a problem.

And we’ll have clear communication.

As clear as you can over something so loaded!

 After the talk on “just a little smoking, in the house”.

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Ravens and Hunters

The hunter’s story:

I was out hunting on the tundra and not having much luck. Then a raven appeared and led me to a bear.

The bear’s story:

I was out on the tundra. It was a lean time, and I was ready to eat anything. A raven came and led me to man.

The raven’s story:

I was flying around the tundra, hungry. I found two large, dangerous animals; a bear and a man. I led them to each other and waited patiently. However it turned out, there would be soon be scattered body parts and I would get something to eat.

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Sustained wrong

I recently had to put down a book by Paul Hawken. It was from the stance of liberal politics, stuff I generally agree with. But having my nose rubbed in the eternal parade of Western civilization’s atrocities was wearing me out.

The buzzword today is “sustainability”, and I heartily agree. But one thing that’s not sustainable is going along day after day, year after year, with the abiding sense that everything you’ve ever done in your life, or ever could do, is wrong.