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berry picking rig

two clothes pins, roll of twine, scissors

What you’ll need

What you’ll need:

  1. Two clothes pins
  2. A length of twine
  3. Scissors to cut the twine
end of twine pushed through the hole in the spring of the clothes pin

Twine through spring

Push one end of the piece of twine though the center of the spring of one clothes pin.

knot tied in end of twine

Tie a knot

Tie a big enough knot so the twine will not come back out of the hole.

two clothes pins, each on one end of a piece of twine

Other end the same

Do the same with the other clothes pin on the other end of the twine.

Sling the twine around back of your neck and clip the clothes pins on some container. Now your hands are free for berry picking.

You can also clip on to a ziplock bag, zip it shut, and put the berries right in your freezer.

twine around back of neck, clothes pins clipped to plastic container resting at chest level

Pick hands free