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Checking the Insulation

The city inspector came to check how well the new insulation is working.

When this little house was built in 1915, I guess nobody thought about insulation.

 When I bought it eighty-five years later, I had chopped cellulose blown into the walls.  I got it paid for under the city weatherization program.

I never knew exactly how much good it did.  But the estimates were, it did plenty.

I had about one month of heating that first spring when I bought the house, before the weather warmed up.  It was about $60.

The next winter, after the insulation, it was half that much.

The payments on the weatherization loan were about $30.

So the energy savings were making the loan payments.  Or more.

I thought the thing that tested the insulation would look at the outside of the house, to see how much heat was getting out.

Instead, it looked at the indoor walls, to see how much cold was seeping in.

There it was on the heat-sensing screen, plain to see.  All the studs in the wall showed as dark, vertical shadows.  They tested colder.

The insulation was doing its job.