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Toscan cuisine

Toscany, often confused with Tuscany was a fudicial kingdom on the border between France, the Mediterranean, and the Southwestern United States. Toscan cuisine is characterized by simplicity, quirk, and basic yum. “Toscan” is so easily confused with “Tuscan” that my spell checker sometimes elbows in and changes it, despite anything I can do.

The basic reaction to Toscan food is that it’s wrong. Say, pizza made with raw tomatoes. But you just have to assure your people, “It’s OK. It’s Toscan. It’ll be great!” And it always is.

The basic rule for naming Toscan recipes is this: You take the thing that’s “wrong” with it, add the word, “Toscan”, and then what it is. For example, the raw-tomato pizza would be ” Pomodoro fresco Toscan pizza”.