Rick Shory

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Botany, horticulture, farming and gardening
Growing figs in the Pacific Northwest
Grapes, part 1: Propagation
Grapes, part 2: Training
Metal sleeves, to keep raccoon out of fruit trees and grape vines
Persimmon bud grafting
Persimmon bark grafting
Persimmon root grafting
Grafting pear onto hawthorn
Brickwork strawberry bed
Lightmeter lettuce
Grow a sundew plant
Tame grape hyacinths
Grow good arugula
Fake your Forsythia
Bonsai wax vine
Grow milkweed seeds
Grow apple seeds
Grow mimosa seeds
Grow ginkgo seeds
Kill trees by girdling

Food, cooking, and recipes
Using “overripe” fruit
De-grit sesame seeds
Toscan oatmeal dolmas
Chunky Toscan hummus

Makings, how-to’s, and life hacks
Costume antlers
End-solder two wires
Disassemble snap-fit parts
Simple Velcro watchband
Berry picking rig

Adventures, travels, and field projects
Alaska summer botany
Summer in Ketchikan
First day in Alaska
Turnagain Arm, Alaska
Chena Valley, Alaska
Twilight hike, Alaska
Biking Maui, part 1: Lay of the land
Biking Maui, part 2: Kahului
Biking Maui, part 3: Baby Beach
Biking Maui, part 4: West Maui
Biking Maui, part 5: A lot of Aloha
Biking Maui, part 6: The way mauka
Biking Maui, part 7: Hana loop
Biking Maui, part 8: Haleakala