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Simple Velcro watch band

2 velcro strips, 7.5" long, hook strip 5/8" wide, pile strip 3/4" wide

Start with two strips of Velcro, each 7.5 inches long. The hook strip is 5/8″ wide. The pile strip is 3/4″ wide.

watch case showing 18mm space for mounting pins

These widths are for a watch case with 18mm spaces for the mounting pins.

velcro strip around wrist

The length is the diameter of your wrist. Adjust if different for you.

hook velcro fed through pin spaces on watch case

Feed the hook Velcro through the spaces between the watch case and the mounting pins. Have the hook surface “forward” so the hooks will be away from your skin.

front view of hook velcro on watch case

Pull the hook Velcro so about equal lengths are above and below the watch case. Adjust later as desired. The hooks face “forward” so they will be away from your skin.

pile velcro strip pressed onto hook strip

Press the pile Velcro strip down onto the part of the hook strip that is above the watch face when in reading position.

velcro wrapped, extra end not cut off yet

Wrap the pile Velcro around your wrist so it mates with the other end of the hook Velcro and holds the watch on your wrist. Cut off the extra length of pile Velcro.