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Snow cave camping

hollow in snowdrift

Dig cave in snowdrift

digging snow digging snow

benches and walkway shaped

Form benches and walkway

tossing snow chunk demonstrating bench

front of hollow bricked up by blocks of snow

Close up the front

bricking up the front sleeping bag on bench

small entrance made through front wall

Make a small entrance, below the level of the sleeping platform

demonstrating the opening
Redrawn from “Snow Caves for Fun and Survival” by Ernest Wilkinson, 1992.

Look, the walls are glazed shiny this morning. I guess from condensation.

Actually, that’s something I had my interior decorator do. I specified Gloss rather than Matte.

Nice, very nice. Tasteful. Yes. But couldn’t he have come up with a more interesting color scheme?

Oh, uh, well, I suppose you know, white is very “in” these days — for snowcaves.

Goes with the spartan decor?

Yes, I suppose it does.