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After the party I went with Jerry over to his house.
We rode our bikes.

Astride his bike, I found myself noticing his manly shape,
his straight legs inside his Carharts,
his ass.

I was just going there to look at a tree that had died.
That’s all that happened.
On the surface.

But I noticed him.
His nice smile.
His red beard.
His friendly eyes.

I stayed somewhat longer,
asking him about the grass,
the flowers,
his bicycle.

I noticed the way his hair came down on the back of his head.
It was only the way a man’s hair does.
But it’s like nothing else in the universe.

  I like his wife.
I would never hit on a man like that.
I would never mess with them.

  But I found myself following a train of thought
something like this:

  What a delightful creature.

I like to look at him.

I would like to look at him often,
and a lot.

It would feel so right.

  At the party where we just were.
The man, the woman, the two dogs.
They all live there.

  They are very different kinds of beings.
But they all live there and interact.
And they like it enough to keep doing it.
To be in each other’s presence a lot.

  This delightful creature in front of me now.

Wouldn’t he,
or someone like him,
want to be in my presence a lot?

Then I could look at him a lot.

It seems,
under some circumstance,
like that would be possible.

  Then the clouded confusion.

in all this wide world of realities,
does this never happen?

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The Good Cowboy

Me in field gear that looks like the Good Cowboy

Looks like the Good Cowboy

“How come it’s better to be the good cowboy than the evil cowboy?”

“I don’t know,” they always say, expecting the punchline.

Because, out on the range it’s usually bright and sunny.  It would be too hot wearing black.

When I work out on the prairie, I have this light tan cowboy hat to keep the sun off.

My standard field shirt is light khaki.  (Blue attracts more mosquitoes.)

And I have these faded old Carharts.

This afternoon, I realized, I’m dressed like the good cowboy.

If you saw me in an old black-and-white movie, you’d think I was all in white.

I couldn’t handle being the evil cowboy.  At least not till the weather cools off.